In Events: The Future of Work


It was my pleasure to be a part of a great team discussing The  Future of Work. Around

500 students, teachers, and leaders made this conference a success at the Baakline National Library.

Major conference takeaways

Automation and AI

 I discussed the impact of automation and artificial intelligence on the job market, including the potential for job displacement and the need for workers to acquire new skills.

Remote Work

In this sense, the conference explored the trend toward remote work and its implications,

including the potential for increased flexibility and productivity and the challenges of remote collaboration and communication.

Skills and Reskilling

 It is important for continuous learning and reskilling in the changing job market and the role of educational institutions and employers in providing opportunities for workers to acquire new skills.

Labor Market Trends

As a matter of fact, analyzing current and emerging labor market trends, such as the gig

economy, the rise of the freelancer, and the changing role of the traditional job routine, were one of the main topics presented. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

It was critical to highlight the importance of promoting diversity, equity, and

inclusion and the role of employers in creating a more inclusive workplace.

The conference ended with another round of in-depth analysis of Work-life Balance, Technological Advancements, and The Role of Governments. 

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