In Training: MUBS Workshop in Collaboration with STEAMcode

It's all about Innovation!
Last Week , the Education Department at Modern University for Business and Science (MUBS) in collaboration STEAMcode organized this seminar, at Damour campus.
This  STEAM training session was a valuable opportunity for students to learn and explore new fields of knowledge.
Here are some key recommendations for educators interested in this field.
Provide hands-on experiences
The training should offer hands-on learning experiences that allow students to apply the concepts they are learning.  
Foster collaboration
STEAM training require collaboration between experts from different disciplines. The training session encouraged students to work together in teams to solve problems and share knowledge.
Use real-world examples
STEAM concepts are often abstract, and it can be challenging for students to see how they apply in the real world. The session used real-world examples, such as case studies, industry visits, or guest speakers, to demonstrate how STEAM fields impact our lives.
Emphasize creativity
STEAM fields require creativity to come up with new solutions to complex problems. The training session provided opportunities for students to develop their creative skills, such as through art projects, brainstorming sessions, or design thinking exercises.
By incorporating these recommendations, a STEAM education training program can provide students with a well-rounded and immersive learning experience that prepares them for success in STEAM fields.